6 Services That Will Keep Your Toyota in Good Shape for Decades

Regular servicing of your Toyota can significantly improve its fuel efficiency and smooth operations. Some people claim that frequent car servicing is uneconomical and unnecessary. However, anyone who has owned a car for many years will point this belief for what it is, a dangerous myth. The minor maintenance if ignored can lead to a major breakdown which will be much costly. Car services are categorized into full and interim services.

There are over 90 car maintenance actions, six of which should be done regularly for the vehicles’ lifetime. Here are highlights on them.

  1. Tires Inspection

Tire inspection involves checking the pressure as well as the condition of the tires. When the tires are deflated, the car uses much more fuel hence, poor fuel efficiency. Insufficient pressure also leads to faster weakening of the tires and consequent blowing out. Lastly, new ones have better threads and hence better friction. Old tires with reduced threads increase the chances of sliding or getting stuck in sand, ice or mud.

  1. The Oil

It is one of the simplest maintenance requirements and yet with the most severe consequences when neglected. You should check the oil level regularly. It should not go below the manufacturer’s specifications or exceed it. Besides, ensure it is changed as often as directed by the manufacturer. Above all, ensure you use the right oil for your car.

  1. Replacing Brake Pads

Like all movable parts, brake pads undergo wear and tear caused by extensive friction. Unless they are sorted out early, it may lead to harmful accidents when the brakes fail. Inspect and replace them regularly to ensure safety and reliability.

  1. Check the Battery

Battery servicing is part of full Toyota Service Baltimore. However, you can conduct regular checks to monitor the health of the battery. The tightness of the cables and the unsealed battery parts should often be checked. Most car batteries are designed to last between three and five years. Those who do not drive their vehicle with this in mind usually end up stranded in the middle of the road.

  1. Belt and Hoses

This is another long term service. The hoses and belts are checked for signs of wearing out and replaced if need be. If unmonitored, he belts may break resulting into leakages or breakdowns. Owner’s manual also offers guidelines concerning the replacement of hoses and belts.

  1. The Air Filter

With time, the air filter becomes clogged. As a result, the airflow in the engine is reduced. The metal engine parts then begin to wear out faster. To extend the engine’s life span, you should replace the air filter every 6,000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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