Buying kurtis for heavier frames

We present simple tips for picking kurtis that complement plus sized, heavier women.

Kurtis are every Indian woman’s best friends. They are suitable for any occasion, formal or casual, and they are suited to all body types and shapes. In fact, the humble kurti is so versatile that it enamours every person who sees you in it – it doesn’t cling to the body more than it needs to, and any woman of any age can wear it and look great.

But if you are conscious of your body type and are wearing kurtis to camouflage the wobbly bits and parts that you really hate, then you are doing yourself a disservice. The kurti is not supposed to hide your body, but to accentuate it. If you are worried about the world getting a glimpse of your love handles or your heavy hips or even your thighs, the kurtis you wear may inadvertently point to these same flaws. Don’t worry – there are ways to buy kurtis for your frame. Just follow these tips:

* Black is best. Black is every woman’s favourite hue in fashion, because it has an instant slimming effect on the body. Black works really well to visually trim down a heavy frame, so pick kurtis in black cotton or georgette whenever you shop online for them. It is fine to have a bit of embellishment and design on the basic black kurti, but steer away from heavy prints or geometric designs that draw attention to your torso. Short black kurtis are best, but do pair them with fitted jeans or trousers for a good overall effect.

* Choose fabrics with a ‘fall’. Fabrics that have a graceful fall and which do not stand stiffly, are great options in kurtis for plus sized women. Chiffons, georgettes, crepe or other synthetics qualify in this category. Make sure the kurti skims your mid-thigh or knee, so that the fall effect is emphasised properly. Complete your look with a churidar, basic pumps or wedges, and your hair done in a chignon.

* Vertical prints are great. Another good trick that designers use when devising clothes for plus sized women, is to incorporate vertical stripes in the clothing. This includes dresses as well as kurtis. You might not be a total fan of vertical stripes in kurtis, but do give it a try and see the difference it makes in terms of slimming you down. Try a short kurti with long sleeves in a bold vertical striped print, preferably in chiffon. Wear with straight cut pants and high heels – there, don’t you look fantastic?

* No block prints or horizontal stripes, please. As a plus sized woman, there are certain prints and clothes to avoid entirely so that you don’t end up drawing unnecessary attention to the parts you don’t much like. When it comes to prints that must be avoided, these include polka dots and large floral or geometric motifs, especially in the chest area – they make the bust area look bigger and your entire frame heavier. Also avoid checks and horizontal stripes. Body hugging kurtis are a strict ‘No’ as are skinny jeans and stretchable denim pants under your kurti.

As far as possible, pick kurtis that skim the hip area or the upper thigh for a pleasing, slimming effect. Leading online fashion sites will have the best in kurtis for plus sizes, at prices that are much lower than those in offline stores.

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