How Recycled Plastics are Saving the Environment

Plastic products are virtually in almost every part of our daily lives. We can find plastics everywhere from our homes to our cars. It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without plastics, but in recent years there have been many campaigns that are portraying plastics in a bad light. It is a fact that we have a serious problem with plastic pollution, where scientists are finding microscopic pieces of plastics entering our food chain and our water supply. Leaving this problem unchecked can cause irreversible damage to our environment and to our health. So it is understandable why people would promote the elimination of plastic products from our daily lives, but this is not a viable solution.

To understand our pollution problem with plastic, we must first consider how this problem came to exist. It all starts with the manufacturing of plastic products, from plastic bottles to plastic bags. In recent years, a few governing bodies have implemented laws placing some responsibility on the manufacturers of plastic products. However, these laws and regulations are practically nonexistent globally. So the entire responsibility of how a plastic product gets disposed or recycled falls onto the consumer. When governments do not prohibit the disposal of plastic products as waste, then we will find tons over tons of recyclable plastic products ending up in our landfills and waste dumps. Sadly, many developing countries send their waste off into the ocean creating an even bigger problem for our environment. We need to consider the origination of plastic products to properly tackle this problem.

By simply requiring companies to use only at least eighty or ninety percent recycled plastics for their plastic products can be a potential solution for combating our pollution problem. Companies like FiberTech are using techniques like rotomolding to fabricate plastic products. This process is completely compatible with recycled plastics. Plastic polymers can be reused countless of times, which means a plastic product like a water bottle can potentially be used hundreds of times. This is not only effectively reducing plastic waste, but it is also reducing the consumption of our natural resources.

If plastic products were banned all together, then we would start facing a serious problem with depletion of our natural resources as we would need to find substitute materials to replace plastics. Thus, banning plastic products will only make matters worse for our environment. However, if we start taking recycling of plastic product seriously, then we can start making a meaningful change in our pollution problem. When plastic products are recycled, we are effectively reusing the same products over and over. The energy required to melt down the plastic polymer is minimal compared to other materials like glass or aluminum. The more we can use recycled plastics, the better we will be leaving our environment. Plus, companies will also benefit from using recycled plastics as they are more cost effective.

Recycled plastics are helping save our environment through reducing waste and consumption of our natural resources. Both consumers and companies stand to gain from the use of recycled plastics.

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